The Restaurant

In an exceptional venue like “Piazza Silvia”, Osteria della Pieve’s Staff waits for giving its warmest welcoming in a smart and familiar environment where they frame some special features such as the glass loft that host the characteristic and valuable dining & wine tasting room and the “orto-sphere” in the large outdoor terrace, symbol of environmental and social sustainability project started in the last period.



The philosophy of well-being

In order to rediscover the authentic flavors of the cuisine, it’s essential to rely on the seasonality and quality of raw materials that, in collaboration with our trusted suppliers in the area, are carefully researched and selected every day.

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Knife-cut tartare of “Garronese Veneta” with capers, gherkins and dried tomatoes.


All taste of Italian cuisine

Whether you are a meat, fish or pasta lover, we will tempt you with our rib selections, our fish crudités and shellfish catalanes or our homemade pasta.

Our chef and his brigade use the latest cooking techniques to ensure the best taste to the dishes offered, for a delicious and genuine lunch or an elegant and tasty dinner.


Homemade “Bigoli”, pasta with clams and broccoli.


Fillet of beef with sweet “Roquefort” cheese and rice crackers.

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Apple pie patty served warm, with lavender cream sauce.

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T: 0365 260043


Piazza Silvia, 1
25080 Manerba del Garda BS

Opening time:

Mon:12:00–14:30, 18:00–22:00
Tue:12:00–14:30, 18:00–22:00
Wed:12:00–14:30, 18:00–22:00
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Sat:12:00–14:30, 18:00–22:00
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